Cameron Pelly Is Top in the Club Hill Climb Championship

Cameron Pelly blasted up the climb of Castle Lane from Woodbury Village to the Golf Club on Woodbury Common, this Sunday, to retain his Hill Climb Championship by a 35 seconds from second placed Will Tidball and Andy Waite a further 10 seconds back in third place.


Guest rider Sam Birkinshaw, from Exter Wheelers, actually recorded the second fastest time, but still 30 seconds behind Cameron, which underlines what a class ride that Cameron did.  


Thirteen nriders took part in the event and the full results are listed below.  The Vet's Championship will this year be presented using the CTT Age related criteria, based on a quarter of the figures used for a ten mile time trial.  These results will be published in due course (when our judges have found the abbacus to work them out!).


1.    Cameron Pelly                                      4 min   31.94 secs

2.    Sam Birkinshaw  (Exeter Whlrs)        5 min   01.69 secs 

3.    Will Tidball                                             5 min   06.85  secs

4.    Andy Waite                                            5 min   16.84 secs

5.   Alfie Divine Wright                                5 min    25.71 secs

6.   Ian Bowden                                            5 min   43.35 secs

7.   Keith White                                             5 min   51.88 secs

8.   Anthony Nicholls                                   6 min   16.68 secs

9.  John Nibb                                                6 min    23.91 secs

10. Ian Humphries                                       6 min   26.05 secs

11. Pete Money                                            6 min   31.50 secs

12. Tony Heggadon                                    6 min    55.33 secs

13. Andy Brimecombe                                7 min    33.36 secs.



Turbo Session Training

Andy Waite is running some Turbo Session training on the first Friday of every month through the winter at Kentisbeare Village Hall


The sessions are primarily run for the benefit of our junior riders who live in the vicinity of Kentisbeare but any club members are welcome to come along.  Bring your bike and turbo trainer and learn how to train on a turbo.  The club has a number of turbo trainers that you can borrow for the evening if you do not have your own.


Andy's sessions will provide you with knowledge of drills and routines to develop some structured training in order to get the best out of your turbo and enhance your fitness and endurance.


If you don't fancy riding your self come along and watch everybody else busting their guts, enjoy some refreshment and see and learn how it's done.




7 November,  5 December,

2 January, 7 February


Time of each session - 7.00pm


Cost £2.00 per rider to cover the hire of the hall.


Latest News

Calendar of Junior Club run dates has been updated - refer to Sunday Junior Run

Info News

Club Kit has been ordered - Delivery expected early November.


The next order will be placed in the Spring (January 2015) so if you would like to think about any kit that you would like go to the "Club Clothng page".


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