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Hello and welcome to CS Dynamo; East Devon’s cycle club.

Having just joined or are considering joining the club (See the sub-page "Becoming a Member") you may have a few questions you want to ask about various aspects of the club and/or cycling in general. Feel free to ask any member of the club a question, if they can’t answer it they will probably know somebody who can.

Listed in the menu section are a few specific areas of cycling you may want to get involved in, along with a contact within the club who should be able to help. 

A quick history and some background to our club.  The club was founded in 1984 by Mick Fagg & Ian Daveridge in a pub over a pint or three... It was a standing joke that the club was basically a bunch of drinkers with a cycling problem. The club name came from a certain Moscow football team.



CS Dynamo is a growing club with over 70 active members. We are different to other larger traditional cycling clubs as we have a more relaxed and easy going approach to cycling.


Our members pursue many activities from group weekend road rides in the lanes of East Devon, to Sportives & Audax rides with occasional trips abroad seeking out some of the best European Sportives to enjoy. We have some members who like to ride off road, exploring many mountain bike trails. Other members just enjoy a more relaxed ride out together.


CS Dynamo also have a number of members who enjoy competing, so for those who wish to test a more competitive side to cycling and aspire to great levels there are time trials road races and mountain bike events for people of all ages to express their competitive instincts

CS Dynamo have a good group of junior and youth riders coming through the go ride scheme which is very exciting for the club, we have two level 2 coaches, and one level 1 coach and a CTC MTB qualified trail leader. Our club welfare officer is Stace Birks. Along with British Cycling we are continuing to forge links with Schools localy to help develop young cycling talent in the Exmouth and wider East Devon area in order to encourage cycling participation by the wider population as a whole we are accredited to British Cycling and the go-ride scheme  


Many cyclists wonder “why join a club?” Perhaps you are looking to share your enjoyment of cycling with other like minded people or possibly you may wish to participate in one or more of the many types of race or you might be looking to improve your health and fitness levels. Whatever your motivation we could be just the club for you so why not contact us, altenatively why not come out on one of our Sunday club runs

Latest News

Club Subs are now due for renewal as of January 2019.  Details of current membership Fees are on the "Becoming a member" page.


You can join on-line via our British Cycling web page:


Info News

Club Nights are generally held on the first Monday of every month, unless it is a bank holiday and so it will be the 2nd Monday. We meet at the Holly Tree Public House at 7.30pm

Club Kit 


Club Kit is being revised - more details to come


If you want to contact us with any queries click on  contact form, 



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