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Club Clothing:

Now that you have joined the club you may wish to purchase a club jersey. Tony Heggadon  is the kit coordinator and is available at most club nights, or contact him via:


 Road Racing:

Road races are challenging in their variation.  Expect tactics, extreme changes of pace, sprints and adrenaline. A road race can take several forms. The criterion or ‘crit’ race is a short closed circuit race typically limited by time rather than distance. 

Road races are longer and can vary from 80k to150k – plus. Many road races are races within races and each rider will have their own goals and measures of success. For some it will be to develop skills and improve their fitness while trying to stay in the bunch (that’s most of us), but others will be after that ultimate goal - a race win.

In order to race on the road you have to have a British Cycling racing license. In order to get a license you first have to join British Cycling.

Some events are ‘enter on the line’, others you will have to send off an entry form prior to the event. Details are on the BC race calendar.

Time Trials:

This is the simplest form of racing. Riders start one minute apart, with the objective of covering the distance as fast as they can. Time trials usually run over 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles. Time trial courses are usually on public roads and usually take place early in the morning to avoid traffic. Expect either an ‘out and back’ with a roundabout halfway, or a circuit with left-hand turns. 

CS Dynamos have a healthy group of time trialists and organise various events throughout the season  If you are keen to try time trialing for the first time then you will be in good company as there are always members at CS Dynamo who are keen beginners and some experienced time trialists who will give you every support.  

Audaxes and Sportives:

Sportives will take you to some of the most beautiful and idyllic places. Quiet roads and awe- inspiring views seem to be an essential component of course design. That, and the lung busting, leg-burning climbs.  The sportive is the ultimate personal challenge for cyclists. Sportives are mass-participation events that are not officially races but are ridden against the clock covering distances from 50k to 200k. 

Audax rides are usually of specific distances, usually 100kms, 200kms etc.

The term 'audax', meaning audacious, was the name given to a movement which started a little over 100 years ago somewhere in Europe – hence the fact that distances are measured in kilometres - and referred the event is due to start. This allows you time to collect your record, or ‘brevet’, card, have a cup of tea and get ready to ride. You should fillto challenging events involving walking, cycling and horse riding. Further information about the origins of the movement may be obtained by logging onto the Audax UK website – 

For our purposes here, what you need to know is how an audax ride ‘works’. They differ from ordinary rides simply by being slightly more organised, in that you are timed through a number of control points. Here then is the process you need to follow if you want to ride an audax event.  

Firstly you must complete an entry form - this needs to be done at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Next, turn up at the start on the day of the ride, about half an hour before  in the back of your brevet card with your address and the phone number of your next of kin.  

Look at the inside pages of your brevet card and you’ll see the controls you have to go to on the ride and when they open and close. You must call in at these controls between the times stated, and have your card stamped. Sometimes, instead of getting your card stamped, you’ll need to answer a question; this is an ‘information control’. 

Finally, you should get back to the start before the finish time of the event. Sign your card on the back and hand it to the controller who will stamp it and retain it. You’ll receive it back, duly ‘validated’ in a few weeks in the second envelope you provided. And that’s about it.  

Why bother with all this stuff when all you want to do is ride your bike? For a start every route is checked for quality so you know you're going to get a good ride. Audax events are designed to be challenging and there are numerous trophies and medals you can collect if that's your thing.  

Several members of the club actively take part in these events. A full list of local events is available on the clubs website. Entry is usually via the internet or post; some of the more popular rides need to be entered several months in advance.  

Club Runs:  Sundays

Meet at 9.00am every Sunday at the top of Hulham Road, between thejunctions of Summer Lane and Dinan Way.

Steve Medlock and Paul Martin share the responsibility for organising the club runs and will put up on theFacebook Page the proposed Sunday route for the B-Run, usually on the Saturday but occasionally earlier.  
These runs are for the more regular cyclists and consist of two ability groups, depending on numbers. The faster group ("A Run") is for the more serious cyclist with the run generally lasting 3 to 5 hours at an average pace between 16 and 20 miles per hour. The B run  may be out for a similar time but at a pace nearer to 15 miles per hour. 

 All runs generally visit a cafe for "tea and cakes".  

If you attend one of the Sunday runs always make sure that you bring food and drink to maintain glucose levels and hydration levels, even if we are going to stop at a cafe. 
The "A, & B Runs" proposed routes for the coming weekend are detailed on the Web Site under "Club Runs" and/or on the CS Dynamo Facebook page.

Non-members are most welcome to ride with us on a Sunday to see if they like us.  Please bring along some form of identification and emergency contact numbers. 

 MTB club runs;

Steve Medlock is responsible for organizing the mtb club runs. These usually take place on the first Sunday of each month and meets at the shoppers carpark at Littleham Cross at 8:45am. Check mtb page for dates. 

The run is generally 2-3 hours long depending on group ability and the weather on the day. No café stop takes place. 


We hope that this has answered some of your questions and that as a club we are able to help you to enjoy the wonderful sport of cycling. 

Many cyclists wonder “why join a club?” Perhaps you are looking to share your enjoyment of cycling with other like minded people or possibly you may wish to participate in one or more of the many types of race or you might be looking to improve your health and fitness levels. Whatever your motivation we aim to be the club for you. 

See you on the road soon.

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