Club rules

Club Rules:  

  1. That the club be called 'Cycle Sport Dynamo'.
  2. The club colours shall be green,white,red and black.
  3. The business of the club shall be managed by a committee consisitng of: Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Tresurer; And such officers and members as shall be deemed necessary. All members are to be elected at the A.G.M. The committee will meet 5 times per year away from the club night on the Tuesday between bi monthly club nights.
  4. The aims of the club shall be to promote all forms of recreational and competitive cycling in East Devon.
  5. All monies received shall be paid to the treasuruer. All withdrawals from the bank to be signed by any two of the Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman, Vice Chairman.
  6. All monies shall be used only for the business of the club.
  7. Subscriptions are payable on application for membership. Applications must be put before the committee for approval. The amount of the subsciptions shall be set by the committee each year, and will be due on January 1st. For members joining after August 31st, payment of the subscription shall cover them for the following year.
  8. Classes of membership shall be: £25 Family(will cover those residing at the same address); £15 Senior(will include associate membership for spouse) ;Free Youth(U16); £5 Junior(U18); £5 Social; £15 2nd claim. The club shall accept 2nd claim members who may compete in club events, but will not be able to qualify for club trophies, or vote at general meetings, or be elected onto the committee. Honorary members may be elected at the discretion of the committee, but need not be 1st claim members. Non-members are not allowed to attend general meetings unless invited to do so.
  9. Open events shall be run under the particular organisations rules.
  10. The committee shall decide to which organizations the club shall pay affiliation fees.
  11. Trophies shall be presented at the discretion of a subcommittee of non racing members. Members wisihing to compete for trophies must ensure that all relevant results are notified to the committee.
  12. Any member holding trophies or any property of the club shall, on ceasing to be a member return the item to the club. All club trophies must be returned to the Chairman by 31st December each year.
  13. The income of the club and it's property shall be applied solely to the furtherance of amatuer cycling. No member shall receive payment for his/her services as a member, and on dissolution of the club, any income or property remaining shall not be distributed amongst its members but be devoted to a club with similar aims within the area.
  14. Hire of rooms for club nights and events shall be paid for from club funds.
  15. All members representing the club in any way must ensure that their actions do not bring discredit upon the club.
  16. The committee shall have the power to expel any member for breach of these rules, but the member shall first have the opportunity to state their case to the committee.
  17. Any change in the club rules shall be approved by a majority of its members in a general meeting.
  18. Any member representing the club at an offical race must race in club colours.
  19. All members will have a responsibility in the marshalling of club events and open events and the committee will issue a rota for the coming season.
  20. The wearing of Club shirts on Sunday club runs is to be encouraged as this promotes the club and protrays a more professional image.
  21. Non members are welcome to ride with us on Sundays, but after four regular rides will need to make a decision to join the club in order to continue riding with the club.
  22. The committee has the right to refuse any riders joining in with a club run.

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Club Subs are now due for renewal as of January 2019.  Details of current membership Fees are on the "Becoming a member" page.


You can join on-line via our British Cycling web page:

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Club Nights are generally held on the first Monday of every month, unless it is a bank holiday and so it will be the 2nd Monday. We meet at the Holly Tree Public House at 7.30pm

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Club Kit is being revised - more details to come


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