Here's a simple idea. When you want to ride your bike with other people, perhaps go a bit further than usual and see a part of the country you don't know too well without the need to raise sponsorship or shell out a fortune in entry fees.

That's where Audax comes in - rides with a minumum of fuss or frills, just simple events which can be as relaxed or as challenging as you fancy.

Audax is an increasingly popular form of cycling over a range of distances - from 50km (about 32 miles) to 600km (something like 400 miles). The emphasis is on getting around at a pace to suit you - there is usually a minimum speed of 15kph, more than enough to allow ample breaks for cake if you're not in training for the next Olympics.

The classic Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) 1200km Randonnee. PBP occurs only once every 4 years, and you qualify for entry by riding a Super Randonneur Series (200, 300, 400 and 600km Audax rides) - these must be ridden within the same year as the event

In keeping with the principles of simple organisation, routes are not signposted. You follow a route sheet with turn-by-turn directions but you're not obliged to follow it. In fact the only important rule is that you must get your entry card stamped at the designated control points, which have a strange habit of coinciding with a great place to have a cup of tea!

Entering an Audax is straightforward. Rides are listed on the calender section of the website and instructions on entering are provided for each event.

The real beauty of Audax is it's simplicity. Riden by people who just like riding around some of the best bits of Britain without a load of fuss.

To find out more about joining Audax UK, or if you are already a member, you can log onto the website by clicking the logo below.

The Rules

Anyone can enter an Audax - just go to for a list of forthcumming events and entry instructions.

Distances very from as little as 50 kilometers to as much as 1,000 kilometers.

Events will only cost you a few pounds to enter.

You don't need a special bike or attachments.

The events are not races - there are minimum and maximum speeds

Routes are not marked but you'ii get a simple route sheet.

You'll receive a route card that has to be stamped at specified control points

No technical support is provided on Audax events - you'll need to carry spare tubes and a multi - tool with you.

Meeting people is part of the fun - be ready to strike up conversations with fellow riders or lend a hand if you see anyone in trouble.

Latest News

Club Subs are now due for renewal as of January 2019.  Details of current membership Fees are on the "Becoming a member" page.


You can join on-line via our British Cycling web page:

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Club Nights are generally held on the first Monday of every month, unless it is a bank holiday and so it will be the 2nd Monday. We meet at the Holly Tree Public House at 7.30pm

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Club Kit is being revised - more details to come


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