This guide has been written to help keep you and your fellow cyclists riding efficiently and safely and to help minimise potential inconvenience to other road users. It includes tips and advice on equipment, clothing, nutrition and behaviour whilst riding in a group. This list is not comprehensive whilst using the advice below please also use your common sense and the highway code.

Before you go out on your first CS Dynamo club run please read this below

A great game!

The team was playing really well, reading the game like a well-established group.  And they were winning.  This was surprising, as three team members were playing for the first time, as a result of a recent advertising campaign.  They had not even met before they ran out on to the pitch, but were certainly having a great game.

Then, disaster, as a defender’s head was hit by a boot in full swing.  He was out cold; eyes rolling, face white, limbs shaking.  Blood dripped from his nose.  They called the paramedics.   He was helicoptered out in no time at all.

Phew!  What a relief that he was now in good care!  Someone suggested, “We’d better call his family”.  The captain said, “I’d never met him before.  His name was James.  Who knows him?”   It turned out that nobody did.  He was one of the three new players.  They got his kit, sorted through it looking for a phone or identification.  Nothing.  He must have locked his valuables in his car.  Which car, though?

Nobody could identify the injured player until he came round in hospital.  No one could tell his family or prepare contingencies.   They were lucky to get away with it.

A Welsh club cyclist recently had a heart attack whilst on a club ride.  He was carrying ID details.  Things were sorted out quickly, and the presence of his family in hospital helped him recover. 

Road accident is a constant risk for Dynamo club runs.  It could be serious.

Could all Dynamo members please be reminded that it is their responsibility to turn up for club runs with an ID, and have emergency contact phone numbers available.  Emergency numbers under ICE on a phone are useful, but not if password protected or on a locked phone.

Therefore, could ride leaders please ensure that new, non-member riders do have an ID with them, and that their full names are known to regular riders?   This way, we can act responsibly in case of accident or bad health event.

CTC have a form for “guest riders”.  This seems a bit cumbersome for the Dynamo.  But we must meet the responsibility of a ride leader or club member knowing there are emergency contact details available for everyone on a ride.


Stace Birks


1. Equipment

   Ensure your bike is in good working order before each ride

   A road bike is recommended over other types of bike (e.g.

   mountain bike)

   On each ride bring a spare tube, tyre levers, pump, puncture

   repair kit and basic tools

   Appropriate clothing; dress for the conditions so bring wind /

   water proof clothing

   Bring appropriate food (energy bars, bananas etc) and drink

   (energy drink and water) for the ride, especially if the ride is

   a longer run distances and no cafe stop is planned.  

   Use the ride calendar to check club run distances


2. Riding Etiquette

   Ride no more than two-abreast and stay in neat lines, this will

   help the aerodynamic efficiency of the group.

   Change to singl file as necessary to help cars overtake as

   necessary to help cars overtake.

   The speed of the front pair of the group is determined by the

   slower rider. Faster riders should avoid ‘half wheeling’ the

   slower rider.

   The close proximity of other riders in the group makes sudden

   change on speed or direction undesirable. Do not make any

   sudden movements when riding in a group.

   When changing position in the group, do so relatively slowly. If

   overtaking, do this at about 1/2 to 1 mph faster than the other

   riders; this allows them to take your wheel and benefit from the

   aerodynamic drag that you produce.

   When pulling off the front of the group ensure the road is wide

   enough to allow the whole group through.

   Do not ride with your front wheel overlapping the rear of the

   person in front. If the person in-front makes a sudden move,

   your front wheel could be knocked from under you.

   Avoid overtaking and riding ahead of the group unless you are

   willing to take responsibility for your own navigation. The clubrun

   leader is not obliged to chase after people who miss a turning in

   this way.

   Riders will climb hills at different speeds. Faster riders must

   wait for the group to reform at the top of a climb.

   If there are more than twelve people in a group, or there is an

   obvious disparity in the abilities or fitness, consider splitting the

   ride into two (or more) groups).

   Start rides at a sedate pace to enable the whole group to get

   organised and allow gaps to be closed up.


3. Communication

   If you have a puncture (or mechanical problem) shout

   "PUNCTURE" and slowly pull over to the roadside

   If you see another rider that is having problems (mechanical or

   other) alert others in the group to this and ask the group to slow


   Common calls:


  ‘Single out’ – move from riding two abreast to single file

   usually to let a large vehicle or queue of traffic past when


     ‘Car back’ – Car from behind the group is overtaking in the

   direction of travel

   ‘Car front’ – Car in front of the group is overtaking in the      

   opposite direction and no cafe stop is planned.

   Use the ride calendar to check club


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