The League of Veteran Racing Cyclists

The league of Veteran Racing Cyclists came into being to provide male & female members of 40 and over with competitive and social events, competition being in the form of age-relatedroad races where riders compete against others in their own age group.

Competitors in LVRC events must be members. The subscription provides membership from 1st September of any one year until 31st December the following year.

Age Categories

A,40-44  B,45-49  C,50-54  D,55-59,  E,60-64,  F,65-69,  G,70-74,  H,75+

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Latest News

Club Subs are now due for renewal as of January 2019.  Details of current membership Fees are on the "Becoming a member" page.


You can join on-line via our British Cycling web page:

Info News

Club Nights are generally held on the first Monday of every month, unless it is a bank holiday and so it will be the 2nd Monday. We meet at the Holly Tree Public House at 7.30pm

Club Kit 


Club Kit is being revised - more details to come


If you want to contact us with any queries click on  contact form, 



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