What is a Sportive?

Sportives will take you to some of the most beautiful and idyllic places. Quiet roads and awe- inspiring views seem to be an essential component of course design. That, and the lung busting, leg-burning climbs.  The sportive is the ultimate personal challenge for cyclists. Sportives are mass-participation events that are not officially races but are ridden against the clock covering distances from 50k to 200k

It seems that for many course designers, and riders, tougher equals better. For this reason you can expect to be in the saddle for up to 10 hours or even more. The battle, then is a personal one - this is a chance to prove yourself, to yourself. The sportive is often compared to running a marathon; the fitter you are the easier you will be able to endure the distance, but you can still expect to suffer to get to the END!

If you are keen to have a go but still need some advice then come along to one of our open club nights on a Monday evening and we will be happy to give you lots of sound advice and help.

Spring into life

Now it's time to get outside on your bike and see how your winter fitness has held up by trying a few events. Try to choose an event that stretches you but won't put you in a box for the following week or put you off for the rest of the season - there is the whole year ahead so don't go overboard too early. Try an event that has regular feed stations for you to refuel and get your breath back at, or one that you and your friends can enjoy together at a leisurely pace.

Don't forget that spring weather can be changeable so always wear several layers and pack a rain cape regardless of the weather. It will be colder in the morning; if you layer up then you will be able  to peel them off as the sun comes out. Keep your calorie intake high as the colder weather will take more energy from you than you think. Be sure to take a warm set of clothes to change into straight after the event so you keep your immunity strong.

Happy riding

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