The Sunday B run is the ride for club members who want to ride at a good pace but not so fast that you can't have a conversation.  The ride stays together as a group and will generally cover about 45-55 miles depending on the route and weather conditions on the day.


The speed will be steady, averaging about 13-15mph. The riding time will be around 3.5 hours in the saddle with a cafe stop at about half distance.


The ride is great for new comers, from junior riders to senior riders of any age, as you will learn to ride in a group and learn group etiquette. From this run riders can progress up to the A run if you so wish or if the pace is a little too high drop down to the social ride.


You don't have to be a member to come along, just turn up at the meeting point, can you also make sure that you bring some emergency identification and contact details with you


The meeting point for the Sunday club runs is at the top of Hulham Rd & Dinon Way.  The meeting time is currently 8.30am to leave at 8.45am.






Next Sunday Club Run - See Facebook page each week for the proposed route.


Previous routes

Exmouth - Honiton via the Blackdowns

9.00am Junction Hulham Road and Dinan Way. Four Firs, Woodbury to White Horse. Perkins Village, Aylesbeare, Tipton Cross, West Hill. Fairmile, through Escot Park to Feniton, Colestocks, Payhembury, Luton, Colliton Cross to Broadhembury, through Stafford Barton to climb on to Black Downs.

Blackborough, Bodicombe, across ford to Leigh Court, Gipsy Cross to Dunkerswell, Honiton and Boston Tea Party cafe.(36 miles)

Home via Alfington, Ottery, Tipton, Venn Ottery, Newton Poppleford. (Total 54 miles)

Map of route:

If there is no club run route here then check out the clubs Facebook page (see front page for link)



Stockland via the Yarty Valley

Hulham Road to Pine Ridge, straight over to East Budleigh via Hayes Barton. Otterton, Peak Hill, Sidmouth. Climb Trows Hill on A3052, Donkey Sanctuary, and take left for Colyton at Stafford Cross. Over bridge to Whitford, R then L to Kilmington on road that goes under the railway line. Over A35following the Yarty river valley to Stockland. Climb out of Stockland to top of Stockland Hill, over cross roads and cafe stop in Oak Farm on the right halfway down the first drop towards Cotleigh.

Home via Honiton, Fairmile, Tipton, Newton Poppleford.



Sunday – 16 June - Exmouth to Stockland Hill via Blackborough and Hemyock

9.00am Hulham Road/Dinan Way Junction.  Four Firs, Woodbury Castle, Hawkerland, Newton Poppleford, Venn Ottery, Tipton St John, Fluxton, Fairmile, Escot, Dulford, Kentisbeare, Blackborough, Hemyock, take road for Churchingford but take next right to climb to Luppit Straight, descend to Upottery and then climb to Stockland hill, crossing over A30.  Take third right for Cotleigh and try cafe half way down the first descent. (If not open, continue to cafe in Honiton.

Home via Fenny Bridges and Fairmile.


Sunday – 9 June - Exmouth to Dunsford (Walled Garden) via Mamhead, Chudliegh and Kennick Reservoir


Four Firs, Woodbury, Clyst St George, Topsham, Countess wear, Exminster, through lanes via Williamsworthy  to Mamhead, Race Course, descend to Chudleigh.

Chudleigh Knighton and take road towards Bovey Tracey but right at cross road, past Dunley House to Five Lanes where left and take the flatter route towardstowards Hennock and bear left towards the reservoirs. At car park take sharp right to touch on all three reservoirs to take left at Blackinstone Rock and eventually come out at the cross orads at the top of Doccombe Hill. Descend to Dunsford and cafe stop.


Home via Longdown and cycle path.



Meet junction Dinan Way/Hulham Rd 9am for 9:15 depart.


Pine Ridge, 4 firs, Topsham, Marsh Barton ,Ide, Longdown, Dunsford, Teign Valley to Bovey Tracey, Barn café (half way up Haytor).


Return: Bovey Tracey, Chudleigh, Dunchideock, Ide, Marsh Barton, Topsham, Exmouth


88K / 54 Miles




Sunday 5th May


Exmouth  - Crediton, Downes Farm (Yes it’s open again)


9.00 Hulham Road to leave at 9.15


Hulham Road, Four Firs, Halfway House, Aylesbeare, Marsh Green, Rockbeare, Jack in the Green, Broadclyst, Budlake, Killerton, Silverton, Bickleigh, Cadeleigh, Way Village, Pennymore, Puddington, Black Dog, Kennerleigh, Sandford, Crediton, (Cafe)


Home via Shobrooke Park, Newton St Cyres, Cowley, Exwick and Exe cycle path.


Thanks – Paul



Sunday 24 February:   

Exmouth - The lanes of East Devon to Escot (if we can't find a cafe in Cullompton)

9:00am Junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way for 9.15 depart.

Back lanes to Woodbury, White horse, Perkins Village, Westcott House, Maersh Green, Rockbeare, Jack-in-the-Green, Budlake, Killerton, Bradninch.

In Bradninch take last left before leaving village and climb around castle hill keeping left, then turn right to follow ridge to Mast above Siulverton, right at Queensborough, to Cullompton, turn right at Church and climb to Mutterton, Langford Green, Clyst Hydon, where right and right again to climb over Roach Farm, over Whitedown Copse to Frogmore , lefttowards Westwood but sharp right up climb to Clyst St Lawrence, Aunk and Talaton to Escot (cafe)

Home direct route via Fluxton, Tipton, Venn Ottery and Newton Popleford, Hawkerland, Woodbury Common, Exmouth (53 miles total)

Map :


Sunday 17 February:   

Exmouth - Culmstock via Sidmouth

9:00am Junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way for 9.15 depart.

Four Firs, Yettington, East Budleigh. Otterton, Peak Hill, Sidmouth, back lane to cross A3052 at Blue Ball to Sidbury. Turn right prior to Cotford to climb Halfway hil, through lLower and Upper Sweetcombe.  Left at end of road after airstrip then fork right to golf course.  Descend into Honiton, right in High Street then left through Combe Raleigh to join main road climb to Dunkerswell.  Continue to Hemyock and Culmstock for cafe stop. (33 miles)

Home: Head for Uffculme but take left at Hillmore to follow lanes to Blackborough.  Turn right to descend through BalckboroughTo Stoford Water where left to Dulford. Cross A373 towards Talaton but keep on to Fairmile, West Hill, Halfway House, Exmouth. (56 miles)

For map click here:


Sunday 3 February:   

Exmouth - Tiverton 

 9:00am Junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way for 9.15 depart.

Four firs, Woodbury,White Horse, Clyst Honiton, right on old A30, left to Broadclyst, Rt on B3181, left at Budlake to Killerton, Silverton, Bickleigh Mill, A3072 towards Crediton for 200 metres but sharp right as soon as over hump back bridge and climb to Cadeleigh and Way village. Follow plateau  forking left towards Pennymore, take second right to Cruwys Morchard and left in village to climb to B3137. Right to Withleigh and Tiverton (cafe 34 miles).

Home via Bickleigh, Silverton, Budlake, Rockbeare, Marsh Green, Woodbury Common (59 miles total).

Click here for map of route:


Sunday 13 January:   

Exmouth - Dawlish 

 9:00am Junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way for 9.15 depart.

Four firs, Clyst St George, Topsham, Countess Wear, Double locks, Ide.

At Ide take lane through village to Dunchideock and climb to Halden Belvedere.  Over Bullers Hill decend to Chudleigh and take climb out of the back of Chudleigh, turning right at the hairpin to the junction over the A380, where straight over to Ashcombe. Right  in Aschcombe to follow the valley into Dawlish and Cafe stop.

Home via Powderham. (46 miles, hilly)


Sunday 6 January:   

Exmouth - Tiverton

 9:00am Junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way.

Four Firs, Halfway Hoiuse, Daisy Mount, Larkebeare, Talaton, Aunk, Clyst Hydon, Langford Green, Cullompton, through the town on B3181 to take left at Five Bridges Farm to Brithem Bottom, find way thorugh lanes to come into Tiverton from golf course.

Stop at cafe in Tiverton, then home via Exe Valley.


Sunday 30rd December:   

Exmouth - Seaton

9:00am Junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way.

Right at Pine Ridge, to Ting Tong, Knowle, East Budleigh, Collaton Raleigh, Newton Poppleford. Harpford, Wiggaton, Ottery. Chine Way, Hare and Hounds,, Broad Down, B3174 Beer, Seaton (cafe).

Home via Beer, Sidford and Newton Poppleford.

Sunday 23rd December

9:00am Junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way

Pine Ridge, Four Firs, Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton, X A3052, Farringdon, Airport, Rockbeare Straight, L at Hand and Pen, Whimple. Talaton, Escot(cafe stop 30k), Return to Exmouth via lanes(55k). 

Sunday 2nd December: 

Christmas Run

It's the CS Dynamo Christmas Meal so none-stop run today, back to Exmouth for 12.30.

9:00am junction Hulham  and Doinan Way.

Pine Ridge, Budleigh Salterton, East Budleigh, Otterton, Peak Hill, Sidmouth, the Bowd, Tipton St John, Wiggaton, Ottery, Alfington, Fenny Bridges, Feniton Court, Feniton, Colestocks, Payhembury, Luton, Danes Mill, Plymtree, Langford Green, Westcott, Bradninch, Budlake,

Broadclyst, Clyst Honiton, White Horse, Woodbury, Four Firs,  - and Merry Exmouth to everybody.

Sunday 25th November:

9:00am junction Hulham Rd/Dinan Way. Four firs, Yettington, Bicton, Collaton Raleigh, Newton Poppleford, Bowd, Sidford, Sidbury, Hare and Hounds, Gittisham Common, Honiton Golf course, A35 Wilmington, Shute, Seaton Junction, Colyton, Seaton (Cafe).

Home via Beer, Sidford, Newton Poppleford.

Sunday 18th November:

9:00am junction Hulham Rd/Dinan Way,Fours Firs, Woodbury, Clyst St.George, Topsham, Countess Weir, Exminster, R in village through lanes to Kenn, X A38/A380 at Splatford split, L onto footpath on A380 off ramp, join old A38 and climb to top of Haldon Hill, desend into Chudleigh, X A38, Bovey Tracey(Brookside cafe 55K), Retrace route to Teign Valley, head up valley, R to Trusham, climb Haldon Hill, desend into Dunchideock, R Shillingford St.George, Alphington. Marsh Barton, Topsham, Exe Estuary trail to Exmouth(85k).

Sunday 4th November:

 9:00am junction Hulham Rd/Dinan Way:pick up at Half Way Inn(9:35) through the lanes to club hill climb at Southerton( not too taxing a climb), cafe stop at Escot, usual route home.

Sunday 28th October:

 9:00am junction Hulham Rd/Dinan Way: Paul's on holiday nad Steves riding the Dartmoor Devil so the route will be decided on the day.

Sunday 21st October: -

-Culmstock (If they didn't do it last week when I was off ill) - or Uffculme along a similar route

 9:00am junction Hulham Rd/Dinan Way. Four Firs, Halfway House, Daisey Mount, West Hill, Ottery, Alfington, Honiton, Stockland Hill.

Uppottery, right in village and first left then right to climb up to Luppit straight just before Smeatharpe. Left then 3rd right, straight across staggered cross roads, then next right to descend Lemon Hill.  Right at the bottom to climb to Fourways house where left for Hemyock.

B3391 to Culmstock and find cafe (or continue to Uffculme) (32 miles)

Home via Blackborough, Hembury Fort, Colestocks, Talewater, Fairmile, Tipton, Newton Poppleford. (60 miles total)


Sunday 7th October:

9:00am junction Hulham Rd/Dinan Way, half Way Inn, Daisy Mount, Talaton, Cylst Hydon, through lanes to Merry Harriers. X M5 to Bradnich, Silverton, X A396, Thorverton,r fork in village to Shobrooke, Crediton( station cafe 50K) Cowley, Exeter, Exe trail home (80K)

Sunday 30th September:

9:00am junction Hulham Rd/Dinan Way, Four Firs, R to Otterton, Peak Hill, Sidmouth, Sidbury, Hare and Hounds, R to Honiton golf course, past garden centre, cross A35, descend into Honiton High Street, R at lights to Awliscombe, L to Payhembury(cafe 50K ,charity breakfast in village hall £4 each served until midday) Return via Talaton, OSM, Tipton, Newton Pop and over Common. (85k)

Sunday 9th September:

9.00am Junction Hulham Road and Dinan Way. Pine Ridge, Yettington, Otterton, Northmostown Lane, Fluxton, OSM, Feniton, Coleshayes, Stowford Water, Ashill, Uffculme (cafe stop 45km) Columpton, B3181 to Merry Harriers, left into lanes, Talaton, Fairmaile ,OSM, Tipton, Newton Pop, home over Common.90k flatish. New comers welcome

Sunday 26th August: Exmouth to Honiton via Blackborough

9.00am Junction Hulham Road and Dinan Way. Four Firs, Woodbury to White Horse. Perkins Village, Aylesbeare, Tipton Cross, West Hill. Fairmile, through Escot Park to Feniton, Colestocks, Payhembury, Luton, Colliton Cross to Broadhembury, through Stafford Barton to climb on to Black Downs.

Blackborough, Bodicombe, across ford to Leigh Court, Gipsy Cross to Dunkerswell, Honiton and Boston Tea Party cafe.(36 miles)

Home via Alfington, Ottery, Tipton, Venn Ottery, Newton Poppleford. (Total 54 miles)

Map of route:

Sunday 19th August:

It's the Dynamo 4 up team time trial this Sunday, so the run will be organised on the day.

Sunday 12 August: Exmouth - Dawlish

 9am junc Dinan Way/Hulham Rd - Exe View Lane, left to Saddlers Arms, Lympstone, cycle path to Topsham, Countess Wear, Exminster, through village and back lane to cross A379 to Powderham, Starcross, Mamhead to race course, over Great Haldon and left to descend to Chudliegh.  From Chudliegh head for Ugbrooke House but at sharp bend/junction at brow of hill take left to come out on junction of B3192 and A380. take B3192 down towards Teignmouth, but fork left for Dawlish and cafe on one way system.

Home via Dawlish Warren, Starcross, Powderham, Exminster. 

Sunday 22nd July:

9:00am junction Hulham Road/Dinan Way,Four Firs, Halfway House(pickup 9:35), Alyesbeare, Airport, Cylst Honiton, L onto Rockbeare Straight, fork right through lanes to Pinhoe, over double mini roundabout into Church Hill, climb and desend onto A396 at Stoke Canon, R at church through lanes to Killerton, L onto B3181, R at Hele Cross to Langford, Clyst Hydon, Talaton, Escot(tea stop). Usual route back along Otter valley, Tipton, Hawkerland. Approx 45miles will get us back in time to see finish of TdF.

Sunday 15th July:

Nothing organised for today as the club is running it's Jurassic Rollercoaster and Otter Spotter Audaxes. You can enter these on the line tomorrow. See Audax page for details.

Sunday 8 July:  - Exmouth  - Honiton via Bradninch

9.00 Hulham Road.  Four Firs, Halfway House, Rockbeare hill where left to Marsh Green, Rockbeare, R on old A30 then L under railway, straight on at Churchill Elms, L towards Broasdclyst. R thro Burrow to Budlake, L to Killerton towards Silverton. R on bend to Bradninch square where sharp left back to Hele, L under motorway to cross old A38 to Langford.  Langford Green, to Plymtree. L after church in Plymtree, straight on at Normans Green thro Woodbere and straight on (might be L then R) to Crammer Barton. R then L on A373 to Broadhembury, thro village and right (not that road!!) to Hembury Fort via Pitney Farm.

Rejoin A373 to descend thro Awliscombe to Honiton and Boston Tea Party cafe.

Home via Ottery and West Hill.

Map of route:

Sunday 1 July:  -

9.00 Hulham Road.  Cow-pat lane to Woodbury. Woodbury Salterton, Clyst St Mary.Clyst Honiton, Black Horse, over new cycle bridge, Pinhoe, Beacon Hill R at Stoke Post, Ratsloe and L after Danes Wood to R on A396.

L at pub for Thorverton, round bend then right to Raddon, L towards Shute but straight on to Shobrooke Parke.   L then L on A3072 and R to climb around behoind Crediton to cross A377 to Coleford.

Left in Coleford to Colebrooke, across at Brocks Cross to Prestons, West Wotton. Left after Hillerton, steep descent then left over river and R to climb to Swallow Tree straight on to tee where Right and Right again for Hittersleigh. Climb from Hittersleigh Mill, straight on over Southcombe Hill, left, right at Coxland farm, into Cheriton Bishop. Left on old A30 to cafe. (43 miles)

Home direct route through Tedburn, Pathfinder, Ide, Exeter, Woodbury, Four Firs, Exmouth (65 miles total).

 (Map : 

Sunday 17 June:

Exmouth to Escot via Luppitt (Note 40 miles to cafe so make sure you have food and drink to last)

  9:00am junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way

9.00am Junction of Hulham Road and Dinan Way for 9.15 start.

DINAN WAY to St Johns Road, cross B3179 to Bystock Pools and continue to Yettington. East Budleigh, Otterton, Peak Hil to Sidmouth.

Take lane through Sidmouth to Blue Ball, cross A3052 to Sidbury via lower lane. Left on A375 then right to climb to East Hill Strips. Right at Chine Way to Hare and Hounds. Across A375, sharp left to Golf Course, R then L to cross A35, R at T (top of climb from Honiton/Northcote) then left for Monkton, L to cross A30 and R for Beacon, Luppitt and up to Luppitt Common.  Left on Luppitt Straight, R at Ewins Ash, straighton at cross roads then left to Hembury Fort.

Straight across A373 down to Colestocks, L then R for Feniton, to enter Escot Park on Right for cafe.(40 miles)

Home via Fairmile, Fluxton, Tipton St John, Venn Ottery, Newton Poppleford. (53 miles total)

Click here for route map

Sunday 10 June: Exmouth to Uffculme in the lanes

 9:00am junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way

9.00am Junction of Hulham Road and Dinan Way for 9.15 start.

Four Firs, Woodbury, Whitehorse – if dry go LEFT then Right to Farringdon through lanes to Clyst Honiton – if not so dry take normal route to Clyst Honiton.

Right on Old A30 and left for Dog Village and Broadclyst .  Right in Broad clyst to Whimple, Talaton, Talewater, Colestocks, Payhembury,  Luton, Colliton Cross Broadhembury.

Left in village over river, left then right towards Kentisbeare and through Stowford Water, Ashhill to Uffculme and cafe stop at Cold Harbour Mill (33 miles).

Home via Bradfield, Kingsford and cross A373 to Aller, left to Mutterton, left to Clyst Hydon, Talaton, Fairmile, and home via West Hill or Tipton.

(58 Miles total)

Click here for map: 

Sunday 3 June: Exmouth to Dunsford

9:00am junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way

Four Firs, Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton, Oil Mill Lane, Clyst St Mary, Blue Ball, Old Rydon Lane, Countess Wear, Matford, Exminster, lanes to Black Forest Lodge, Gulliford, Ashcombe,Chudleigh, Teign Valley Dunsford.

Home via Longdown. (See route map - not quite right, but near enough)

Sunday 27th May:

9:00am junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way

Four Firs, East Budleigh, Otterton, Northmostown Lane, Harpford, Tipton St.John, Ottery St.Mary, climb Chineway to Hare & Hounds, X over main Rd, left to Southleigh, Colyton, Seaton Tramway(cafe 25miles): Return, Seaton, Beer, Branscombe, past Donkey sanctuary, A3052, Sidford, Newton Pop, Sanctuary Lane, Woodbury Common, Exmouth (50 miles)

Sunday 20th May:

9:00am junc Hulham Rd/Dinan Way

Four Firs, Halfway House, Daisymount, Talaton, through lanes to Merry Harriers Inn(B3181), Cullompton, left in High St, Tiverton (canal cafe), A396 past Bickleigh,left for Silverton, Killerton, through lanes to Rockbeare, Marsh Green, Aylesbeare, Woodbury Salterton, Woodbury, Lympstone, Exmouth (approx 53 vmiles)





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