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The beauty of track racing is that it provides something for everyone.



At first, track racing may seem like a daunting prospect to many; with no brakes or gears fitted on the bikes, inexperienced riders may perceive a lack of control. But by controlling the speed of the bike through the force on the pedals, the rider actually has more control than on a standard road bike.

Year - round thrills

Speed can also be controlled by using the track's banking, and seeing as no one has brakes there's never any need to come to a sudden stop.

Not only is track racing one of the most thrilling events on two wheels, it's also one of the most sociable. Another major advantage of riding the track in the UK is that the velodrome run track day rides throughout the winter as well as the summer, meaning there's no need for racing to stop just because it's dark, drizzly and cold outside.

CS Dynamo riders use Newport Velodrome, for new riders a track coach will teach you the necessary skills to start riding the boards. 

CS Dynamo and a few other East Devon cycling clubs have got together and set up a facebook site to encorage as many of the club cyclists to get together and organise a trip to Newport this way we get a good mix of newbie and experianced track riders.


Mansell Raceway supports CS Dynamo circuit racing and coaching sessions.  Fancy Karting follow the link by clicking on the banner.

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Club Subs are now due for renewal as of January 2017.  Details of current membership Fees are on the "Becoming a member" page.


You can join on-line via our British Cycling web page:

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Club Nights are generally held on the first Monday of every month, unless it is a bank holiday and so it will be the 2nd Monday.  See Facebook to be immediatyely updated with any changes

Club Kit 


The next order will be placed in the January, so if you would like to think about any kit that you would like go to the "Club Clothng page".


Our Club Jersey stock is now also be held at Knobblies, Exeter Road Exmouth.  Check out the list in the Clothing Page - they may have items in your size that you can pick up without delay.


If you want to contact us with any queries click on  contact form, 



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