CS Dynamo Welfare Statement

C S Dynamo is a small informal club, with a wide range of types of member.  This leads to many benefits for young and old members, experienced and inexperienced cyclists, alike.

The club takes a serious approach to welfare issues, for children, youth and vulnerable adults, to ensure everyone’s cycling experience is fun, fair and without any threat to welfare.

C S Dynamo cycle training includes Go-Ride Cycle coaching for 12 to 18 year olds, in a wide range of environments.  In all such circumstances, parents can be sure that Go-Ride training provides an enjoyable and safe environment for their children to develop their bike skills.  The care taken by C S Dynamo members to look after youngsters, expressed here mainly with a Go-Ride focus, applies to all youthful cyclists and supporters associated with the club.

C S Dynamo coaches and key helpers are CRB-checked through British Cycling, and there is a Club Welfare Officer.  The Coaches and Welfare Officer have all undertaken training on safeguarding children. Coaches are also first aid trained.  Therefore, when enjoying cycling with C S Dynamo, children will always be under the supervision of a well-trained, first aid qualified and CRB-checked responsible adult.

C S Dynamo is signed up fully to British Cycling’s Policy on best practice, including child welfare and protection.  The complete version of this policy document is available here, click on the British Cycling link below 


C S Dynamo Coaches ensure a positive, developmental, enjoyable and safe environment by encouraging members, parents, supporters and Go-Ride participants to follow some simple guidelines.  The guidelines are drawn from British Cycling Policy. 

To be fully effective, Club Officers and Go-Ride Coaches need our young members and trainees to: 

   Arrive for Go-Ride training sessions and all events in good time to prepare properly


   Wear suitable clothing (including a helmet) for cycling activity sessions, as agreed with coaches


   Play by the rules and respect the decisions of coaches and officials


   Be a good sport by applauding all good performances, of club-mates and opponents


   Respect all participants, treating all fellow cyclists and officials as they would like to be treated themselves


   Cooperate with the coaches, helpers, club-mates and opponents


   Thank officials and opponents after competitions

   We need parents, carers and other supporters to: 

   Provide C S Dynamo officials and coaches with emergency

   contact numbers


   Notify coaches about any specific health requirements or

   medical conditions their child may have, by completing the

   Club’s application and parental consent form



   Advise club coaches if their child has to leave an event early or

   is being collected by someone else, giving details of the



   Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials


   Help their child to recognize all good efforts, not just results


   Set a good example, praising fair play, respecting officials and

   applauding all good performances


   Never punish or chastise a child for losing or making mistakes


   Support their child’s involvement and help them to enjoy their



Our concern for children and the disadvantaged means we will not allow them to take part in riding activities, if we feel that their bike is unsafe, or if they do not wear a helmet.  We will not allow your child to be endangered by another child’s unsafe bike.

We always encourage our riders positively to develop their riding skills and confidence, but no one is required or urged to take part in any activity or exercise that they do not wish to.

The nature of cycling means accidents do happen from time to time. In the event of an accident we will ensure that prompt first aid is provided by a qualified first-aider, and that appropriate action is taken for more serious injuries. Any accidents or injuries will be recorded, and you will be notified.

C S Dynamo always has a Club Welfare Officer, whose role is to promote and support British Cycling’s policy on good welfare practice and child protection, and to discuss any concerns that members, parents, trainees, supporters or participants in any club event might have.  In practice, almost all concerns can be addressed informally and positively, but the Club Welfare Officer will refer serious matters to British Cycling’s Child Protection Lead Officer.






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